Shift Songtext
starring daggers through granite eyes a sarcophagus of dead compassion filled another skeleton for the overflowing coffin sitiches eyes caress forbidden flesh seraphilm stab wounds from the serpentine choir forked tongued whispered nothings an angel of slotted eyes sent to deliever the scribbled sulfuric lies icy veins through forzen words will bleed for you no longer I will bleed for you no longer a magician's sword in her side the welcomed coagulation around the nail in the simian's hand yet antoher failed attempt at being the martyr the acts bleeds trasparently into a dried well of pity where patience is a deceased forgiveness hope he was worth it, hope he was worth us feeling the once forgotten stinging familiarity scratcing at the vaguely reminiscent scars digging up the illuminating the delicately fallen petals of our wilting bouqet of razorblade roses as the lies unfold, a true form is revealed see you for what you are, swallow hard and open the wound again forsake the world on the liar's pedestal take satisfaction in the mask's virginal reflection when the black hearted arrows of cupid's bow decompose charred friendship will be the only remains enjoy choking down the ashes of a purchased soul love kills when it dies.