Control Songtext
captivating volunteered economic slavery weary fingers worked to the bone as another cog continues to turn within this bleeding machine opening eyes to another's century-old dying dreams the stark realzation of the unforseen torching the mass produced hives emancipates the enslaved but will the scrambled convalescing worker drones to be too content to fly away exchanging the precious grains within the hour glass for crimson fist-fulls of pastel verdine masonic greed hypnotized by the capitalistic brainwashed desires, prosthetic needs, rheumatic deformities breeding an apathetic world who's occipants conspire betrayals gravitating towards meaningless successsion along the corprate chairs force-fed images of suburbia's fairy tales complete with the flawlessly narcissistic supermodel inhabitants the preprogammed suicidal inclinations join the looming feelings of soical inadequcany accompanying the bulimic casualties insatible members of an improbable utopain culture bent on torturing themselves merely for false promises of perfection alleviate the symptoms, never the cause perpetuate the systems of suppression absinthely forget the prescribed pain with the dispensed nerve deadening medication willing participants of the misery will smilingly share their suffering subjects of constraining submission to the exhausting drudgery corporate apathy reaches acceptability this empty security for the ease of conformity meanwhile the vampiric gears grind to autonmy as each drop of life is siphoned away one shirt at a time.