Alt Songtext
clouds glaring back in tumid silence as the doomsday horns crucify our earth modern day. pied piper missionary mosquitoes, spread their communicable disease leading a nation of zombie slaves, millennia old cultures raped into homogeny damned into the implied necessity of salvation's serenity marching toward the cultivated oblivion of the Christian pipe dream inventing our own emergency brake messiahs to save ourselves from the bigoted hells we are creating.

paving the way for our lecherous evangelist middleman healers to market their acquisitive acts of god.

a populace indoctrination of tainted purity for lucrative tithing, for pre-paid pardons from molestation legalities.

mother mary, filled with contradiction.

birther of lies, procreator of amoebic cultural demise, begat the false messiah of the spiritual whores.
cellist in the symphony of apocalyptic plagues disguised as salvation. our destined manifestation sung by every cross poised to be burned to the ground.

a timeless superstition folds as the smoke rolls toward another wasted prayer to the omnisciently deafened heavens.

smash their wings, watch them die asphyxiated with stench of the verity silenced by the blood-soaked oppression or the gold-tinted pages.