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marvel at the intricacy of those few elating moments woven into this decay strickened life do these sporadic moments that make it all worth while equate the suffering or are they over-shadowed by the melancholy losing control of how I feel these bleeding scars will never heal remove the fragmented heart from it's chest will these salted cheeks subside, or will they regressso tempting is the permanence of the solution so intriguing is the artistry of the departure is this the only way out, is the what you've longed for dissect the veins, bleed out the lies, scalpeled wrists, exist this life encompassed in sorrow, dripping hands begin to scrawl sweet poetic beauty finger-painted pn the walls choose the words wisely, they will last a life time can't pretend anymore that everything will be alright already I feel so dead inside, wanting nothing more than to die exact revenge on this worlds for turning its back on you shudder in terror of what you feel compelled to do this what you longed for, is this the only way out sweating palms clutching stainless steel a final scream shrouded in darkness one last cry for help as crimson stains the bath tub's walls the pain excapes as the serrated knife falls the eternal release encapsulates your irresistable devestation could it have waited another day, another time, another place wold the desires still have burned the same years from now will they remember will their memories remain in death or will they fade further away years from now who will remember years from now withh they remember me each heartbeat rhythmicall slows to it's last palpitation quivering lips fall silent pale flesh tainted to a bluish hue the only life that remains lies in the streams of the dying words written by you.