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hollywood gods birth an unrealistic perfection of tragic romance to fuel a victimized culture's obsession with love supplantations of forever concocted by vivid imaginations poisoning the minds of our future generations by instilling a false hope's emergence cleaving reality, they condemn us to an addiction of co-dependent expectations whoring our morals way emulate the adulterating images of the silver screen suffering through doppelganger soul mate heartaches worshipping the supposal of finding the one this is the little lie that we tell ourselves to quench the insatiable thirst of our masochistic dreams of sweet morbidity a prelude to the inevitable awaiting agony of the endless masquerade proliferated by the influence of cinematic lusting as the dream-concealing curtains rise, the stars fade from our eyes, and on our tongues the word forever dies enacting Romeo and his decimating melodramatics to soothe our rapacious hearts fancying the irrational tenet of escaping our dagger-bearing Capulet-esque endings an immortal stalemate that's been infused into our subconscious kiss by kiss the psychological dependence that fuels love's existence.