Escape Songtext
By force filtering the habitual carcinogens, you're killing me you're killing us both.

another seven minute future strangled in the present.

licking the porcelain doll's ashtray lips that once seemed so pleasant until the putrid stench of smoldering lungs crept through her rotting teeth. the repugnant aftertaste of her cancerous gateway kiss.

drowning in emphesemic mucosal suffocation, her destructive glamour falls apart with each poisoned breath that incites the onset of a voluntary degenerative disease that compliments the glazed eyes of another one of her unchaste amourette. binge drinking episodes at the greek-lettered brothel. the perfected circumstances of every welcomed weekend date rape included in the fine print of every invitation to this rohupnol manfacturer's heaven. her lifeless body. an effortless conquest of a bleach blond american dream's defloration. tear her flesh with usurped consent. she's left herself to the fraternity's predators tonight to sate their shallow desires for one salacious as a plausible exoneration from mynogymy. it's only cheating if she remembers. its spawn, the maligant scars that will go unavenged in aphony. the monsters regret filled secondd in the name of social acceptance. multibillion dollar corporations marketing an addiction industry of legalized drug dealing. the reality of designer drug abuse.