Night Of The Metal Maniacs Songtext

Key Of Mythras

von Demonspeed Metalstorm

Night Of The Metal Maniacs Songtext
Alcohol in veins, time to hit the road
Beer and a bottles of Jacks by side
Tonight its metal night, getting drunk alright
Banging heads and shaking ground
Flame of metal burns, arise with spikes and thorns
Get the train if you´re not like us
Weared in filthy leather, Breath is stinking hell ya´
We don´t care cause we all drunk tonight

Out of control. Hell yeah, thats rock´n roll
Leave the scum of yesterday behind

Getting for a ride, Some ladies are in sight
Rod is hard and ready for the fight
Bitch has passed away, In the grass I lay astray
Fucking hard and metal thats my way
Turn the pages slow, discofuckers there in row
A need to beat ´em, grow
Discomassacre time, Let´s hit the disco slime
No time for them to learn the metal mime

Kicked in the ass by the long haired mass
Don´t mess with´em, just confess your music taste

Loud and fast, thats all we need
In the name of metal, you´ll bleed
No time for sober, thats for sure
Wiskey, beer and metal is our lure