Behold The Pentagramm Songtext

Key Of Mythras

von Demonspeed Metalstorm

Behold The Pentagramm Songtext
Life is just a fading thought in the memory of time
Recognice, that you are just a breathing pile of dust

Time is near to perish and wither away
I am here to weave the fall from grace

It´s an illusion that you can fall and rise again
Be ensured that there is an end to behold
Do you really imagine to live forever?
Can you hear the notes of the anthem of rebirth
Candle shine flickers and dim the gruesome light
Are you ready for salvation?

Hollow eyes are trying to stare the dark chamber
Breath is white as snow and seems as cold as heart
Behold the face of death

Welcome to the point of no return
You can not escape from my temptation

In twilight, my scythe gave you the final kiss
Oh come forth!
I know you had yearned for this deliverance
Behold my sign!

One thousands of miles through suicide mines
Blackening the view on the harvesters aim
Follow the way to the end
Descending into me, microcosmos you´ll see
Watch reverently when life secrets revealed
The chasm burns your eyes

Beyond the dominion of your reality
Only souls haunt the last salvation
Ultimate nexus arose

Ashes to ashes and dust become god
Eyes full of kindness are leading you through

One more time, I open the gate for you
Tragedy of life, lay lost far behind you

This is what I can give to you
Pentagram is lurking you too..