Hecates Chamber Songtext
Amerced with a mournful eye, fornicated mass grave lie, where the look hits the ground
Watching so constantly, a world of depravity, carnalitate seems to make no sense
Chaos reigns unrevealed, new world order is a need, impermanence´ victory is near
Absolution whimpering, as choirs of salvation sing, for an apocalyptic redeemer

Come forth my children, kneel before me
I tell you stories of what I have seen
Deep in the abyss of all earthly sins
Where sorrow lies and torture beginns
Mortals of all ages summoned me
In my temptation dead they will be
My sinful embrace replaced by the night
For those inheritance enfold the fright

Worshipped one - Invoked godess - mysteria unveiled to thee
Oh great divine - primeval dark - Your whispers, (Thou shall obey)
Shadowed realm - Garden of thine - Empress of the kingdom of beauty and of sin
Dog boned throne - Death testified - watch tower of the six eyed queen
Your children cry - Summon you - A ceremony to the daughter of the night
Bane to those - who denies - life demise is the fate of the unbelievers

World without end
World with an end

Changes on the world machine, end of a light regime, insignificance is the new way
Crossroad of the bright aeon, deliverance remain undone, Uncountable shrouds in view
Oh three faced divinity, what kind of world you see, is it a drama in itself?
Please let your unlight shine, as an observer divine, Unleash forces made of black