Crown Of Horns Songtext
Embraced by moonlight - Hallowed eve, I exhale
A Breach through the night - Scorched by daylight
Undercover conspiracies - Aerie chants, ghastly recitated
Demons arose in cruelty nightmares - Flourished in a forbeared haze
Exalted darkness - The origin of all wicked paths
Ghoulish masterpiece of mine - Descenting from some ways unknown
Remenbrance decreased - A restless wraith within me
Behold statues who stain dark - Descenting into dream made abysses

Trespass the gate of night - Distant primordial yearning - My ground, poisened soil - A perfect vultures world
Without creed, not defeat - A fog in the cradle of life - My past, divine denied - A chaos order to revealed

Carcasses tremble - Thousand diseases are my guide
A web of putrefaction - My glade through triviality
Above nightskies ways - Wings of desolation spreads
The last archangel rise - Lacerate midnights golden veil
Pernicious Reinforcement - Scorned daylight shall fail
An unending regency arise - Midnights spawn I am forevermore
Tragedies assamble - Revolve around me in circles
Abolish all earthbound rules - Reborn genesis denied

[Refrain 2:]
Wordls gates behind my back - Yells of delight unheared - Dimensions plundered - Agony awaits my coronation
Earthbound rules - World of fools - You´ll see - The face of eternity...

... While wearing the crown of horns