Necrotica - A Silent Slumber Manifest Songtext

Key Of Mythras

von Demonspeed Metalstorm

Necrotica - A Silent Slumber Manifest Songtext
Taloned hands on a marvelous neck
The splendor of youth will pass away
Last breath, A dismal symphony
Distant sleep approaching
Exceed the withering beauty
A malicious calamity in red
Celebrating the vexering moments
within a macabre delight

Who were he? A heresy on life?
His face, a deformed grimace
A morbid prince charming in a sin symphony

Two silhuettes on the cold ground
No regrets, no misericordia
Only the trees hear her invocations
Till she drown into dreamless abysses
A false teardrop is in his eyes
He reels away the path they had come
The only thing he has leaved
Is a grotesque kind of love

A tragedy divine, laying in the fog of silence
The grief serenade of the night sound no more
Within the misty ground is the origin of her lethe
Simple corpse remain and the sky cries dismal tears
Within the stars above, moarns a crescent moon
Leafs upon her grave, seem to disguise the sinfull crime
Once and forevermore, she will be shure to know the fact
The desecrated king, is the one who stoled her dreams

Wind whistles through her hair
Blow the leafs out of her face
Her skin, a winter dream
A profane corpse who feeds the soil
Underneath the pale stones
lies the beauty in oblivion
Memories of her slowly fades away
Within the whirling tempest of time

No tombstone or wooden cross
Marks the place of horror
The soil has one more secret
And for sure this will be preserved
This place is now a sorrow ground
The shame can never washed away
Years will pass or may centuries
No one will ever find her grave