By The Night Haunted Songtext

Key Of Mythras

von Demonspeed Metalstorm

By The Night Haunted Songtext
Above the shores an eerie light glimpse, may it flickers as a sign of the once were died in here
A soil of tragedy, dismal breaker swinging in an ode of impure spells and unsung prophecies
Misty spume ascends, as a veil of sombre clouds arosed in sin and grief from a sorrow guardian
Six feet under waits, procreation tenebrous, An ancient symbol of the chants which were recite to honor death

Westering sun - Illuminate the golden signs
Forthcoming dusk - Let the guide a moonlight be
Sanctified malice - Lunar born, sweep through the sand
In a phantom land - The spirit of the cult awakes
Insurrection rise, this portentous night, the unhallowed secretes of the soil revealed forevermore
Whispers can be heared, phantasmagoria or just the waves which dance
Malignant stench, poisoned the air, drift along the womb of the earth leaves behind some scars of dismay
Nothing withstand, ancient leprosy, no rose can be found on the barren ground just like to testify the reign of death

Destiny shall be fullfilled when the oceans starts to congeal
Deep down frozen in the ground, the confidence of ancient beliefs
Memories of wisdom, beyond flesh they arise to breath
A sleeping garden, cursed to rest in desolated seas

Eastering sun - Let the signs wither away
Forthcoming dawn - Guide the night to oblivion
Cruel abomination - Lay the land in solitude
Shattered domain - Near the ocean, sorrow reigns

May eternally...