World War 4 Songtext
[Intro: Inspectah Deck]
What's wrong with these cats
Gotta constantly remind them
I'm a made man like Tony and Vinny and them
Respect due fool

[Verse 1: Inspectah Deck]
Groove disciple, rude since high school
Moves on the floor like the shoes of Michael
You say your king, this dude's the rightful
50 cal flow, soundproof the rifle
Physical like Olive Newt
In Mission Impossible, Tom cruise with the lyrical blueprint
Deliver the news quick: dude's sick, lyrically ill
Still trippin off that 1-6-oh shit
Lansbury murder, he wrote
Hand heavy, every word that he quotes, like serving you dope
The nerve of these folks, they know I'm clutch like 24
Get it for free you pay twice what it cost
Calm savage bomb the masses
Put your fire out plus stomp ya ashes
I'm the maverick
Soul-sonic force, I rocks the planet

[Hook: Inspectah Deck (Esoteric)]
Terminator (we blast on sight)
Decapitator (don't grab that mic)
Protect Ya Neck (you can lose that head)
(wind up dead from words that were said)
You need a little danger in your life
Take a fucking chance once in awhile will ya?
What are you gonna do? Play with your prick for another 30 years?
What are you... gonna read People magazine and eat at Wendy's til the end of time?
Take a fucking chance

[Verse 2: Esoteric (Sample)]
Kodiak jaws, titanium fangs
88 slang, gladiator tap your vein
A X-Man off the map with the realest rap
I come back with a star on the shield of cap
I seal the gap, mechanical tentacles identical to Doctor Octopus
Harry Potter books can't describe my looks
I'm part King, part Mark Twain, I'm arcane my bar is mean
Indy shit, you won't find me in a large chain
That's a double meaning, double line, my lane
I'm a Shar Pei, ugly, maneuver through the errors
You will back up like Matt Gutierrez (Whats the other one?)
Don't try and chill
Evil I am, ill, egomaniacal
Buckin at Fresh Prince, yeah I fire at will
Rap trigger rigor mortis, yeah they dying still
Lying still, they admire the skill
Collide with me I smash your entire grill
Messiah, chill, trill in a fly DeVille
Early bird executioner with time to kill


They're only words
It's the context that counts, it's the user
It's the intention behind the words that makes them good or bad
The words are completely neutral, the words are innocent
I get tired of people talking about bad words, or bad language
Bullshit, it's the context that makes them good or bad
The context that makes them good or bad