It's Raw Songtext
[Intro: Tony Shivani & The Road Warrior]

And we're back with the Legion of Doom, The Road Warrior-

Tony Shivani, I just happened to notice, as we come on the set-
There's been a lot of talk about the Road Warriors,
Losing their heart or their taste for violence.
Well, we never had no hearts to lose to begin with!

[Verse 1: Inspectah Deck]

Game is overzealous, frontline
That's why his name is "soldier"
Fatal flow will do your brain like
Cocaine and baking soda
"Mi Vida Loca," banging inside of the navy Rover
Feet on your lady sofa, love it
Now she play me closer
Cream of the crop
Stock rising like the murder rate
7, Es and Deck, drop it
It was worth the wait
Verbal greats
Spoken Word, World circulate
You stacking cheddar cause you working at the burger place
Cold like the winters of Cabrini Green
See me lean, getting C.R.E.A.M. since the breakdance, graffiti scene
Heed the dreams, score on the floor
Like he Kareem
All-Star, feeling my G
You should see the team
Rebel spit effortless, rise like the deficit
Execute with prejudice
The necessary requisite
Nemesis, Netflix couldn't show you The Specialist
Heavy neck shit, genesis, to my exit

[Hook: Esoteric]

Yeah, we bang on 'em, CZARFACE style, flame on 'em (It's Raw!)
Fuck around, buck 'em down, switch lanes on 'em (C'mon!)
Checking my style, return to zero (It's Raw!)
Superhero with the muthafucking fangs on 'em (Yeah!)
Getting money, getting paper, bitches hang on 'em
Another victim, haters love to put the blame on 'em (C'mon!)
Flip it around and put the shame on 'em

[Verse 2: Action Bronson]

I'm like the Bobby Flay of rap the way I flavor shit
Straight away, false moves will make you lay with fish
Take a piss, my shorty hold it cause I sprained the wrist
You know my style is Boulevard of Death- I'm dangerous
Foreign flow, they tried to detain me at customs
Let me go, I had to cheat that Iranian mustard
That's the hash, only fucking with the upper class
Cause I'm done with all the suffering like succotash
Quick with the handle, stick shift and I scramble
Picks is like I'm Revis, kick shit like a sandle
I'm down at any time to do it
Was designed to do it
Til the money getting dusty like embalming fluid
But never zeeked out
See me 3D Z3'd out
Hundred sixty five redline'll read
I never put the weed out
Pick up your shoes and let your feet out
Just remember, honey
No getting pregnant, i'll pull the seed out
With my teeth

Yeah, 7L, Esoteric, Rebel INS, Bam Bam

[Hook: Esoteric]

[Verse 3: Esoteric]

Son ain't nervous, I prey on the weak
Fuck a Sunday service
Guns they buy, they for Show only
Like A.G. verses
State your purpose
You in deeper shit than ? curses
Eighty bars equal eighty hearses
They deserved this
They used to give me flyers for this shit
So relentless
See the show? I rather see the dentist
ES reinvent this
Come fly with a pterodactyl
But fighting is sacrilegious like a Tim Tebow tackle
Cover me, I'm going in
Flowing like the blowing wind
Holier than Noah
No C.O., but I control the pen
Barbarians, we tearing them
Then we bury 'em
And if we don't, we granulate the bones
And then we wear the skin
We're here to win
You peeped the flow and tried to jack it
So I turned you to a jacket
Buffalo Bill chick magnet
So, you a cash getter, yeah you stack cheddar
Enjoy them 4's, make you jump higher and rap better, yeah
I'm back, I'm at my apex for all you rap fans
I'm a hero to everybody, I'm Batman's Batman
I'm something vicious, gun in pictures
I'm under suspicion
For leaving some of these sons of bitches out
And some in ditches
And some in front of their misses
They never got a shot off
Cause my mans a lazy landscaper
Never drops the sawed off
The Godawful's 'Lo'd out
With no doubt
Don't make me break the robe out
They want tickets but the shit is sold out

[Sample #2]

How did you know it was an ambush?

Whenever there is any doubt, there is no doubt. That's the first thing they teach you.

Who taught you?

I don't remember. That's the second thing they teach you.