Rock Beast Songtext
"You are nothing..."
"...brothers, there's only one thing that I'd just like to mention
These two gentlemen, they are the wildest, as they look
The greatest there is today"

[Verse 1: Esoteric]
We confess, we the best
And we speak in front of eagle's nest
High atop, get your soul re-possessed
No Kia, these women be blowin up my Nokia
Double axe-handle, Randy Savage, oh yeah
You don't want to test the duo
I've been blessed with a jewel
I am destined to rule with heat on deck
Like INS with a tool, here's a cup for the drool
I'm a super villain, illin, call me Ra's al Ghul
Who is Bruce Wayne, hey man, cool chain
I train with Shaolin monks, no Liu Kang
I could rhyme that with the clan's first two names, Wu-Tang
Fuck it, I did it, now I gotta spit a city
You can find me with the bully
Breeze something bout their teeth
Their proclivity for beef
The way they tear their arms off a thief
Each line's dope, call it cash flow
If it's seeming like it's art, let's start with Dash Snow

[Verse 2: Inspectah Deck]
I'm a beast when the flame is sparked
Guaranteed I bring heat, similar to Wade, James and Bosh
Novacaine flow, fiends'll nod
I put my hands in ya pocket, peel off and G your broad
All aboard, real G's applaud
I'm a stand up nigga, go down what we feel []
Boss man got checks to cash, any threats to the set
Got vets that'll stretch ya fast
I'm fresh like the produce section, no use heckling
Drama, and my whole crew stepping
I'm on money like the president face
In the jungle, slit throats of several snakes
And I'm sick with the medical case, so cold, frigid
Unless you live it, you can never relate
I was thinking you be on by now
Same time, you was thinking I'd be gone by now
INS ya highness
AKA B52, Joe Lew, the brown bomber
Wear your armor


"I'll stay with you. Just in case the ghost decides to put in an appearance while my friends here are gone."
"Let's go!"
"Can the Superfriends find the right super powers to subdue the unseen specter that's terrifying the metropolis?
Watch as they meet: The Ghost"