Air 'em Out Songtext
"What do you think of my powers now?"

[Intro: Inspectah Deck]
Wonder twin powers activate
Form of: some fly shit
Y'all recognize

He just air em out
He don't hear em out
He just air em out
He don't hear em out
He just air em out
He don't hear em out
He just air em out

[Verse 1: Inspectah Deck]
He don't hear em out
He just air em out
He just fuck it up
Its like if really there's a doubt
The beat'll beat em down
It's leakin in your town
It's hotter than that summer time heat that's in the south
Hands up in the air, my fam up in the square
I'm Dirty at the grammys, crash your glamorous affair
Spazzin on the air, smash em with the flair
With the []
Get ya weight up, my paystubs heavy like Dwight
Hens fight for what I said on the mic
Put your threat on the mic
Ask around, clown, rebel is nice
Fuck your money, I said it for spite
Son I'm ready to strike, tear it down
I'mma tear it down
Them haters had a lot to say, I don't hear em now
I don't hear a sound
I just hear the crowd
I'm surgically performing like the doctor in the house


[Verse 2: Esoteric]
Put me on some anti-homicidal leads
So I ain't got a lot of feds
Whip backs and spider heads
I'm Peter Parker, bite her legs
I'll tie em to the spiderwebs
[] keep it together like white's with dreads
Heavyweight, that's what the title says
Leave ya limbless like a pez
You can suck my dick, beat my nuts, psycho les
Every visual I spit is cranked when he's bent
Yeah, higher res
Out for the CREAM, we all about the dream
From Shaolin to the bean, y'all be bowin to the team
And now we on the scene
They wonder how it's a regime
But check the hour to gun powder like marines
I'll smack ya face, bruise your ribs
Crack ya legs, it's brutal kid
Stay ahead of snakes, like Medusa did, lose your wig
Act like you're sitting down to dinner, I'll remove your lid
Groove or big, air em out, we don't care who it is