Spin the Wheel Songtext


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Spin the Wheel Songtext
Well I read the newsprint,
I strained my eyes,
I thought I was going blind.
Trouble, there's trouble again,
And I don't remember when it began.
I hung a lantern from my porch,
I saw the lights of the fair,
The Ferris wheel spun,
And it dangled like a spider web on the air
As slow lights pass in the sky.

I've been spinning the wheel, spinning for a fade.
I can't take the face of this masquerade.

I took myself to town with the change
I'd been able to keep from the bank.
I spent it at the fair,
To feel as I did in the old days.
It's a shame, I'd say I'm always remembering yesterday.
Cold, cold, cold times found me in a strange way.

And I can't help but think, what's become of me?

And even when I'm gone, you'd better carry on.