Family Plots Songtext


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Family Plots Songtext
My brother left home one day, said he's coming back again,
But the lord had a different path for him.
He stumbled upon a war somewhere along the way,
And I'm burying my brother today.

My sister she was easy on the eyes,
And she got caught up in the white light of the cocaine line.
The blow on the glass brushes away but still,
I'm burying my sister today.
My father thought his serving days was done
'Til he got called up and he wound up on the wrong end of the gun.
He said, "Son, that's the price for living in the states,"
I'm burying my father today.

A widow with two children in the ground,
My mother sits with the barrel in her mouth.
Her mind it blends so well with the drapes,
I'm burying my mother today.