A Little Late Songtext


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A Little Late Songtext
I gave all of my money away, packed my stuff to an old suitcase.
I said, "Mama, I'll be back someday, but for me don't wait."
I walked down on the lane, I met a gal off of Broadway.
She took me in for the night, I asked if I could stay.
I've gotta be some kind of fool, the lord knows I've got them brown eyed blues.
You're trouble baby, I'll see it through, I've been thinkin' about you.

And though the days just roll away
I feel like I'm a little late.
Pass me by, please I say,
I think I've had all that I can take.

I saw the light leave my eyes, I had one last smoke and called it a night.
I close the door, went back inside, I've got to ease, ease my troublin' mind.

I've got nowhere to go.