No Struggle, No Harm Songtext


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No Struggle, No Harm Songtext
Slow train, rolling around the mountain.
Passenger car carries an Irish lad, oh and my name is Jack.
I left the countryside worn by the famine.
I came here, stateside, on a ship that sailed the ocean wide.

Oh how I long, to feel no struggle and to see no harm
Done to the ones I love, and we're all just waiting on the sun.

I shacked up in the slums, I was making a worker's wage.
I told the woman that I loved true, "I never loved nothing like I love you.
And I can't say what's becoming of the world these days,
Oh and I'll tell you this, that ring on your finger is the reason I live."

She says, "Jackie boy you better get your head straight,
Don't let it happen again here in the states."