Bricks and Stones Songtext


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Bricks and Stones Songtext
Leaving the house Mama said, "Grab your coat,
It's that time of year, it's getting cold."
Papa said, "Boy don't make no trouble for me."
And I tell my folks don't worry about a thing.
Out the door kicking my feet.
Wind rustling through the trees.
Skeletons of summer greens.
Hang on my mind, and in the breeze.

And I ain't heard from anyone all day,
I don't mind I'm just making my way
To the same place I've always known,
Now a pile of bricks and stones, ghosts and smoke.

When my time has come to pass
They'll lay my body beneath the grass
Read something soulful, something sweet
Of the place where we'll once again meet.

Taking off my coat,
Shaking off the cold.
Oh Mama I know
It is now bricks and stones,
Ghosts and smoke.