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Prevaricate Songtext
I come to you with a single proposal. A chance to escape your demise. All of lifes astonoshing
fascinations, come with the price of your soul.(the price, your soul)

Tossed and turned like the piece of meat you are, your mind has been fractured again for
you're a spineless bitch.

Death is what u fear the most,but you are just like any other mammal put on this earth.
Millions after millions will perish but they'll make it look like a accident. I know what
the human race stands for, your work is at its finest and its almost complete.
Did you think this was a conspiracy? Its the fucking truth and its all happening before
your own eyes you helped distroy your metropolis.

Structures collapse; air filled with the fog. Its portrait and its still not all, destruction
is inevitable.
The beauty of it all is that you still look in disbelief as if you had nothihg to do with it.