Anamnesis Songtext


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Anamnesis Songtext
The system will collapse upon arrival and its only the beginning. The magnitude
is beyond your predictions, far worse than expected. The kingdom with no king,
tyranny comes before us. At last the moment has come, the planet is crumbling to its last
bit of soil. The rivers and oceans that once flowed with water are now filled with rotten
carcass of the sea. In agony! desperate and weak! You search for light, but all light has
vanished along with earth. Dont fear death, embrace it. This is only a stage we've yet to
encounter, neither you or I knows what comes, but its a journey worth my while
im willing
to take it as it approaches. I treasure the knowledge that I have acquired. I acknowledge the
true colors of the human race, just like all of you I am no exception to this disgrace. Look into
my eyes and tell me I'm wrong. I didnt pay attention to what you said, rather i watched what you did.