Lethal Devotion Songtext


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Lethal Devotion Songtext
As you grasp ahold of the bit of reality that's left,
you will come to realize that what you once desired
is the virus you swore to extinguish.
Has it occurred to you to visualize what purity
may lie beyond the bounds of the atmosphere? (Of the atmosphere)

Can't you see, you're all a part of a program?
This waste of federal notes have you all at war.
Listen to the voices inside your head,
Let the dynamism manipulate your heart. Let it take control.
This path has been written in stone.
There isn't liberation, this is destiny.
Apprehend the product of poverty and violence,
Witness tyranny unfold before your eyes.

The final chapter of revelation has marked it's ground.
We're all puppets on this final hour of judgement,
now you realize that there was never security.
Words with no meaning towards reality.

a visionary horizon, i'm here to keep it alive.
its just the lines left by your passion.
at last with a beautiful image inside it.

they're primary concern is to subtract the few who know the truth.