Era of the Omnipotent Songtext


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Era of the Omnipotent Songtext
In a matter of expression, life is a game of survival of the fittest. You're juged day in and day out
but never compromised. Corruption determines who you sought to be. What kind of beast is man?
The only product society has ever shown is fooling themselves with their own lies. When in fact,
the world is a war-zone we face throughout our lives. Remember that theres no limits towards your
knowledge. Take control and lead! don't get left behind. Has it ever come across your mind that
knowing the answers to everything is the key to all mankind. The perspective of life that you have
held to is just another illusion, that has been planted in your mind from the moment you took your
first breath. Lying societies conceving the unknown and we're soon beyond questioning the real cause
of our own existence. Its all a figment of your vision, there are far too many things to understand for
the mortal mind. Evolution or Extinction?!