Lonesome as You Were Songtext


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Lonesome as You Were Songtext
We met back north, back in the prairie country,
Where the old Union Pacific train stood still.
Behind your house on the hill,
As you came outside,
Through the whispering pines,
I've seen the moon grown over the fields.
Resting your weary head as I said,
"If of my love, you're to be unsure,
Then I'll leave you lonesome as you were."
A house in a small town with an orchard off an old dirt road,
You spent your days at home.
I kept my pockets filled by working down at the mill.
Staring out the window, a sorrow behind your eyes,
Though I loved you truly true
It seemed to me it was time to leave.
I believe you heard as I spoke these words,
"I'll leave you lonesome as you were"

You watched as the train did carry me away.
Through the engine smoke
Well I heard you wept when you thought of the day we met.
But I did go, on down the dusty road
To find me something, though you wrote I'm not coming back home.
My love's grown cold, but to you it will burn,
And I'll leave you lonesome as you were

Here where I am, things they aren't so bad.
I've found myself with an old friend
Who loves me true and she ain't so blue.
So please don't speak, and forget about me,
'Cause I'm not your medicine.
This will find you well, the story you'll tell
Of my love growing cold, and how you got burned,
And I'll leave you lonesome as you were.