Like Father Like Son Songtext


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Like Father Like Son Songtext
Old Mississippi keeps rolling on through.
Hard on luck I've got them Johnny Rivers blues.
Sang til I bled out another man's tune.
Sing that gospel boy like it'll save you.

You keep talkin' about the wind, of the wind that's blowin' in.
Cold with the river, I was wondering where you've been.
My brother's got a bottle of whiskey and a hammer of steel.
We're gonna take this fool down to the river and show him how to feel
What it is to feel.

Keep talking about the fire and I ain't running for the water.

Beggin' and pleadin', it ain't gonna help you none.
You've been cheating, you've been stealing boy, you ain't your father's son.
But I've got blisters, I got blisters from the tracks.
You can't play no blues boy without blood on your hands.
I've got blood on my hands.

I am a vigilante man, I've got blood on my hands.