Lights Back Home Songtext


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Lights Back Home Songtext
Where were we goin'? Why did this stop?
And why the hell did I jump off?
Where did I think that this would end?

Another train came and she picked me up.
I hopped on?it seemed I had great luck,
Now I'm left here all alone.

So keep on rollin' 'round the bend.
Come on back here just to pick me up again,
'Cause I'll be waitin' here for you.

This place?it always seemed to be,
Seemed to be the place you had to see.
Now I'm here and I see it's dead.

I walked to streets just to see the sights,
I waited up just to see the lights.
And now I've seen those lights grow dim.

And now I'm left here in the dark,
Left here waitin' on a spark
To light my way back home.

Up ahead I see the lights,
Oh and how they burn so bright.
I just hope they don't pass me by.