End The Trends Songtext

Urban Sombrero

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End The Trends Songtext
Just when you thought there was no one who could ever be so lame
Here's an egomaniac who's "cool" and has no shame
"Please tell me I'm awesome, 'cause I'm so insecure"
'Cause trendy dick's a disease for which there is no cure

We won't say we're better, no, but we won't say we're worse
Just leave that for the fans to say but don't bash us first
'Cause cockiness is a trait where the root word is still "cock"
So feel free to say we suck, we'll still come out and rock
The one who once was normal is now as fake as they come
Just save your friendly comments, what do you think I'm dumb?
Behind our backs you talk shit and try to sabotage our show
Well someday when I'm famous I'm the one you'll have to blow

So talk your shit, play your game
Ass-kissing is the quickest way to get to fame
Though I'm not one to live in the past
I'll never kiss your fucking ass