We'll Never Play Ska Songtext

Urban Sombrero

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We'll Never Play Ska Songtext
Well this whole punk thing is getting tired out
Just what are we angry for, hey what's it all about?
Well we're sick and tired of going through the punk bit
But we'll never play ska, there's something wrong with it

I'm at a loss for words as to what we shall now play
We could play classic rock (think of what the kids would say!)
We could play metal (high-pitched screams will always kill)
But we won't play ska, we don't like it, never will
No, we'll never play ska
We'll never play ska

Looking at our options, here's the choices we must weigh
Play bluegrass or country (hey we're hicks anyway)
We're tired of 80's rock (metalheads aren't here to stay)
But don't even mention ska, it's the one thing we won't play