Artificial Songtext
Well now we're getting famous and all our friends say they're really proud
But now let's get one thing straight: in this club there are no fakes allowed
I'm trying to be nice now (we'll stay in and leave you out)
What'll you listen to next? Whatever your friends do, I don't have a doubt
No doubt that I think that you're not real, trying to catch up in the trendy race
I just think that you're dumb and you can't deal, and you're just another pretty face

Tired of everyone who's artificial

Now everyone wants to know me (ever since they heard my name)
No one can tell me I'm different, 'cause I know in my mind I'm still the same
Now everyone thinks I'm special, they think I'm cooler now and all is grand
But where were those assholes before then when we were hanging out trying to start a band?
No doubt that you're looking after, trying to ride on the next big thing
No doubt that you're looked at with laughter, 'cause people run your life pulling all your strings

So go show up at our shows, but don't expect us all to care
Before you all were no-shows, when you said we suck, the real fans were there
You're all so manufactured, I don't believe too much of what you say
Now that I think about it, I never cared for you much anyway
You showed up at our last show, with your laminated backstage pass
Now that we're done with this song, do us a favor please and kiss our ass