Blame The Media Songtext

Urban Sombrero

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Blame The Media Songtext
I've seen the world, as time stands still today
Violence, teenage suicide, the masses need someone to blame
It happened all too quick, there wasn't even time to say
The masses blamed the media, politicians have no shame

Seems like this all is just a growing fad
Fucked-up society labels what they "don't get" bad
And do you blame the media for your failing GPA?
You blame the media and I think that's fucking gay
Why do you care what I do?
If what I say fucking pleases you
I'm not gonna change a fucking thing
Do you really give a shit
Of what I say or mean from it?
One more allegation you can sling

Blame Ozzy for a song he wrote that got heard wrong
"Suicide Solution" took one shot, a kid was gone
Did you hear about the kid who listened to "Israel's Son"?
He drowned his brother, killed mom and dad with the family gun

What the fuck is going on?
What planet are we living on?
It makes me wonder why we aren't all dead
It's like the kid from Columbine
Crossing "Adam's Song" with suicide
As he dropped the shot that ended in his head

Looking at the world today
I just don't know what to say
I just wonder if we're all screwed
The kids from Columbine
Didn't kill for "Doom" or Rammstein
It's just another fucking excuse

I wish I could blame all my problems on someone else
But I'm part of the media