Cleansing Extrema Songtext


von Rabble Manifesto

Cleansing Extrema Songtext
Secular charity
Saint laws covered by rust
War against sanity
dry finger rised up!
Hold up straight - new Crusade
slack idol mumbling out
infiltrate - penetrate
main points of cleansing extrema


Gold mitre, kirk fighter,
sacred ass sits on throne
listen to me, devoutly
or there is no reborn.
Fanciful state, godly fate
vain brain work leave to us
use prime hate, suffocate
seed od the Antichristians,
science burns in Hellfire
inquisition mania
wrathful cleansing etrema

Prodigal feasts, Christian beasts
God bless our bloody limbs
Logic look - different book
is always unholy.
Juvenile rage turn to faith
all for the name of God
we want you, we need you
mass holy cleansing extrema