A Death's Door Songtext


von Rabble Manifesto

A Death's Door Songtext
Sometimes I wish to be
wandering far away
to see you lonely ones
wherever you are
instead of lying deep inside
of dark black clay
I'd want to stand by you
forever and now

Dead still life...hypnotized

Sometimes I go to sleep
longing to dream of you
just one look in the eyes
is more than 1.000 words

What wall is between us
and how can we get through?
Any way how to unite
our distant worlds?

Sometimes I'm asking myself why
why couldn't stay here you and I
tell me how is to stand at death's door?
Sometimes I'm thinking how it would be
on the other side, just you with me
waiting's too long and you're not here anymore...

Sometimes I'm feeling weak
when I recall you in mind
my selfish "I" lives different story
Too many questions
Where are you? And does it hurt?
Maybe I'd like to hear "Follow me"

Dead still life.... hypnotized

...is this the end
when you're not here anymore?