Black Nymph Reveals Songtext


von Rabble Manifesto

Black Nymph Reveals Songtext
Black nymph reveals, slowly and close
so don't say a word
Sick modern world is exclusive bog
where nymphs easy breed
we're feeding their need
we see that bad smell
we smell insect well

Nympf instructive:
"The things you've seen...never been"
What's up with your mind?
Listen ti me:
"My truth is the fine story
and your one just lark!"

What's up with your mind?
Our glossy coins
Have both sides a front

While teaching the right way of pissing
The vulturous man behind the wheel
Always when honesty's missing
...the black nymph reveals...

Inside of the circle
in the nest of ignorance
pretend touch
made of arctic brass
Stones try to look ambered
arrogant esplanade
innocence engraved
in snowy black
snowy black
almost dead

Everything changes
sometimes we meet the ones who read
between the li/n/es.
Wide black tape
that's covering eyes
is a bit transparent
this meal is out of taste
When resisting minght
we're maybe on wrong side