Drowned In Burial Bud Songtext


von Rabble Manifesto

Drowned In Burial Bud Songtext
Body's going down
certain way to drown
deep in swamp
Despair of mad eyes
roots in rigid arms
last hopes torn

Can't you see
bottom of mean life?
Maggots creep

Gasping for bad air
swallowing clay with blood
swarming worms near there
drowned in burial mud

Still life "Dead trees" - silent sepulchre
Reeking marsh shall be nice grave
Choir of the mosquitoes is burial, singing of your final day.

Delightful stagnancy
Lunacy and fancy
Punishment is known
only one way down.
Sodden purgatory
carnivorous glory
eroded and buried
at idyll cemetery

Speechless screams uncommon farewell
Gravediggers arrive in time
Carefully enbalmed forever
Surrounded by rottin' slime

Can't you see....