Tires And Mint Songtext

Attica! Attica!

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Tires And Mint Songtext
BRIGHT, the flash of the knife
Blinding glimmers of light bouncing back off the scalpel
SHRILL, the whine of the drill
The sickening chill of spinning steel 'gainst the nerves
CHOKE, the heat of the smoke
The blood starts to soak the smell of burning molars
PAIN, his words are deranged
"We're gonna try this one without novocaine...."

FANGS, sparsely arranged
I hate to complain but this is kind of strange
DOUBT, just pull the rest out
I think that my mouth would be fine with some dentures
SHIT, aw sonofabitch!
Something is amiss why is the dentist swearing
ATTACK of copper and wax
My gums turning black pull back the molds and you'll find
bloody designs my mouth is a fire-bombed skyline

A bony playground geek hiding secrets in my cheeks never smiling
They teased my snaggleteeth
Now this butcher's carving me like holiday turkey

GRIN, now stick out your chin
We'll glue porcelain onto those nasty chompers
See you next time and thank you for the potty mouth!
Now I'm kissing asses and eating shit.
Have a magazine send out a photographer for my before-and-after pics

STUNNED, I rinse off my gums
The lingering scum tastes like tires and mint
ALIVE, somehow I survived
The dentist's hi-five and say "Now you're perfect"