I Need a Better Cyrano Songtext

Attica! Attica!

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I Need a Better Cyrano Songtext
When we drove back into town we found more snow upon the ground
The place was gray as Puget Sound
Surprise, surprise
You said this place would never change, while we age it stays the same
You said you had to find some bluer skies

?We should find us a place in the sun,? I said
I just mumbled those words from the song in my head
Yeah Stevie Wonder is feeding me fine poetry
So come out onto your balcony

I said, ?Let's get out of the cold, somewhere they've never heard of snow?
You said you were going alone
Surprise, surprise
You said you had some things to do and there would not be room for two
I tried to find some way to change your mind

?I never dreamed you would leave me in winter,? I said
And that made you laugh but you still shook your head
If I'm just gonna quote Stevie's lines like a jerk
Then I wish I could pick some that work