Way Down In Git'mo Songtext

Attica! Attica!

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Way Down In Git'mo Songtext
Way down in Git'mo
That's Guantanamo Bay
That's where bad guys belong, even if they've done no wrong
'Cause we need someone to blame

Well our nation gets a bit more safe each time I make my special cake
With the red, white, and blue icing on the top
And I shout the loudest 'USA' each time I'm in the church to pray
And I drink gasoline to support the troops in Iraq
Those terrorists are just a lousy God and war-crazed bunch
And I can't understand them because they're nothing like us
It's a shame that they hate freedom because it's pretty awesome stuff
But since they do they won't mind when we lock them up

Thank God for Git'mo, that's Guantanamo Bay
Keep them chained to the floor,
'Cause we're fighting this war the American way

Well on the news they often say that this upcoming holiday
Is the perfect time for another attack
It's not baised on intelligence but still it makes a lot of sense
To be on alert and always watch my back
But if I don't have my barbecue, the terrorists have won
And if my neighbor brings his Arab friends
I'll call the Pentagon
This war on terror's going so great, because all the Muslims
Have been kind enough to give up all their rights

Oh God bless Git'mo, that's Guantanamo Bay
When there's a hunger strike
We force-feed them to life

Now don't you see, we can't charge them with anything
They're guilty 'cause we want someone to bleed
Don't you see? September chaged everything
We'll have no peace until someone out there bleeds
Don't you see? They cannot be freed
We keep them 'cause we need someone to bleed