Frostbite Songtext
am i still really here even though I hate this weather
and with each passing year i swear it's my last winter
but i'm still living here with wet hands stuck in the freezer
i've got a choice and either way it's gonna sting

goddamn it's cold
i haven't seen the sun in weeks
and I hate this weather
like hell it's cold
the gray is creeping onto me
so let's stick together

it used to be different here
my friends they all lived so close
but when the first frost appeared they flew west before the lake froze
now I'm still dying here with my tongue against the flagpole
i'll be numb soon but i'll save face waiting 'til spring

will i hold on until the snow turns to rain
can i hold on until i see you again

the warnings were clear
nothing grows in the tundra
now i've been frozen for years
and still begging for the summer to get me out of here
but i can't wait any longer
this town can keep all of the flesh i leave behind
goddamn it's cold
i think the sun has gone to sleep
and i hate this weather
aw fuck it's cold
the gray is taking over me
so goodbye forever

now i'm told that the crew is deicing my plane
so just hold on i'm coming to see you again