The Illusion Of Yourself Songtext

Carnival Arrest

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The Illusion Of Yourself Songtext
dwelling on my thoughts of things
realizations come to me
where my life should be.
i'm losing my time quicker
every minute's moving faster
i can't even take a breath

im drawing the line right here.
as if i'm living my life off of fear.
desperation is my middle name.
wishing that my life was just a game.

ever get the feeling that, your waiting for something?
spending every passing moment, trying to find what it is.

and you dream.
and visions come to you
of how you make it out of this place
and start for something new

as if your falling faster
your sinking deeper
and your going nowhere
this illusion of yourself

when your lifestyle
is your arch-enemy
driving you to where you don't want to be
a vacation
of your satisfaction
is something you will probably never see

im bringing myself down.
my friends are no where to be found.
sit and listen to depressing songs
wondering how long 'till I'll be gone.