Cold Unconscious Songtext

Carnival Arrest

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Cold Unconscious Songtext
Cold unconscious left here dead
These fighting words were left unsaid
My weight on you I've had to lift
For I can't wait forever...

So what am I supposed to do?
Waste my life away on you
Knowing my wish won't come true.
Sitting here while time goes by
You promised that you'd call tonite
The silence in my head I swear
Makes me wish I never cared.

Again I find myself just letting go
As if I had no patience left at all.
It's harder to say goodbye than hello
This cold unconcious feeling that I know.

I'm driving in my car tonight
To a destination for from here
I'm not sure which way to steer.
The rain is pelting down outside my windshield
I don't see the stop signs clear
The red lights passing to my rear.