Losing The War Songtext

Carnival Arrest

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Losing The War Songtext
This is the best day of our lives
We're sinking deeper inside their lies
Your motivations set on high
Desperation's gone
The things we've always wanted finally dawned into
Now were picking our hearts off the bottom of their shoes

Cause we're losing the war
We're fighting ourselves
An army of one
We stand on our own
There's no chance for change
Can't fix their mistakes
Now we're back on square one
Our ambitions are gone
Cause we're losing the war
We're fighting for something more

Your heart is filled with anger
Clinch your fists
Your heart beats faster
With the realization that they've won
You're trying harder to believe there's still some hope inside of you
Don't let your guilty conscience
Take the best of you.

You take on one.
You lose them all.
But you hold on tight
Because you're destined
For the final fight.