Soul Into Even Songtext


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Soul Into Even Songtext
I cry out to You God
Cry out from this void
From the depths I call out to You Lord
From depths of my darkened state
So I drop to my knees-face down
I cover my head-my soul is so still
Let Your Spirit rise in me
Today I scream with the tongues of a thousand angels
Today is the day of my true birth right in You
Today I scream with a new tongue
Today - I bow
Breath in me, I breathe in You
Let a fire rest on me
I see you - all consuming fire
You're the fire I can't release
What did you come out here to find in this desert of life?
I'm Christ - I am the only life
What did you come out here to find today?
I'm not a reed in the breeze
What if I laid down my life for you?
What if I died for you?
What if it's all true?