Lament Songtext
Alone in this darkness where I hide
There's something changing me inside
A voice in the silence cries out to me
I fall to my knees I am crushed by YOU
The further that I walk the longer that it seems
To get to the place I need to be
With You, in You, Your love crushes me
I resign my fear
There's redemption for me here
In Your presence alone
Your love crushes me
Seems the further I walk
The harder I fall
From grace to weakness
Away from it all
Seems the less I try the more you succeed, to changing me,
I give up all to you
To feel the separation, at that point, that day, on the cross
My wounds will heal my pride must die, will die, I die
Everyday for You-I will be what was intended for man to be
Someday I will be free from this flesh-this body
You formed me from the dust
Breathed life into me
Breath life into me...Breathe
Not alone-I'm not alone,
Your not alone!