Blade Songtext
It's appointed once for a man to die
All of the lies have dropped from my mind
When I was young I thought just like a child
Now I have put away all these childish things â?? to embrace this
I see your eyes, as I drop the blade
I am closer, my soul burns within
I know you see me
You suffer with me
I know I â??m closer
My mind is forming
Chorus: You know I die for you, a thousand times a day
I know that you bleed for me, a thousand different ways
You took this upon yourself, I take you into me
You took this upon yourself, now I die for you
This is â?? my love -
Eat of the body I'm to become
Drink of the cup that is spilled for me
I embrace and become the new birth cry
Eat of this flesh and drop the blade,
You know that this must die
- I see your eyes...
- I know you see me...