Our Domain Songtext


von Our Domain

Our Domain Songtext
Welcome to our domain...we're all of the same
Down here in Texas we have a great scene
Come on down and see what we mean
Because there are lots of great bands that play heavy brutal shit
Supported by our brothers and sisters in the pit
Experience...going insane welcome to our domain
Jason and the rest in Torment Defined
Are all about...black death metal grind
George and Sintury...Al, Shawn and Mortifix
Unchecked Aggression...as old school as it gets
These are just a few of the bands that you'll see playing around
There are still many more to be heard, to be found
Although...influenced...by other styles...of
sound...extreme...brutality...is what we sought...and we found
Still some assholes typically play the fool
So quick to pass judgment on any music that is new
Close minded sheeple swimming in a mainstream
Don't know the difference between heavy and extreme
Talking shit about a scene they don't understand
So unwilling to compromise or comprehend
Oh well fuck them cause the rest of us really know
There's nothing better than a Death Fucking Metal show
Baptized...you spill your blood
It feels so good...you just want more
Dedicated...forever more
Race...or religion...will never...play a part
Because...it's all about...what...is in your heart
So now it's time to meet some bands
Just one big family of freaks and fans
Supporting our scene to the extreme
Do what we say and you'll see what we mean
Grab some friends and spread the word
To one and all old and new
Support Death Metal with your life be good to what is good to you
Sean and Meatus...noise opera punk grind
Along with Viral Load will blow your fucking mind
Necrogazm, Trailer Thrash Texas fuckin' hardcore
Whitey and Demonseed...sick as fuck grind gore
Thrashin' Alan, Pablo, Dave, Raven
The best DJs on KNON
Charlie and Neverdead and 762
These are just a few more bands, we'll see you fuckin' soon
Welcome to Our Fuckin' Domain