All You Can Fuck And Eat Songtext


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All You Can Fuck And Eat Songtext
All you...can fuck and eat
Ordinary average guy
Just lost his job and his mind
Driven by hunger and a need to copulate
Enters a restaurant to exterminate
Innocent people, family and friends
Have no idea their life's about to end
Pulls out his gun people run
Slaughtering victims to him is fun
All you can fuck and eat
Bleeding and dying are everywhere scattered
Hopes and dreams forever shattered
Pouring gravy on someone's thigh
Have a slice of eyeball pie can...fuck and eat
Human flesh...what a treat
Walk among corpses...penetrating orifices
Shooting his cum on the dead
Sopping up blood with his corn bread
Feeling no remorse for those he's killed
Hideous appetite, at last full-filled can...fuck and eat
Human flesh...what a treat
On those he desecrates
In his mind he sees no wrong
Pulls out intestines with salad tongs
Pouring fresh gravy into the ass
Of a mutilated corpse bloated with gas If only he knew that the people inside
Were his family, surprise surprise
Forever he'll carry his guilt inside
For he took the life of his kids and his wife
But you see it's not too horrible
Cause never knew his family was cannibals
Eating out is so fun