Keep It Fuckin' Brutal Songtext


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Keep It Fuckin' Brutal Songtext
Everyone who plays music starts out the fuckin' same
Learn to jam, join a band try to get out the name
Find a style that makes you smile, always go the extra mile
In this time you'll have to choose what to keep what to lose
You'll always have to sacrifice if you choose music to be your life
Fuck the trends, don't make amends
Cause brutality's where it all begins
Go through the shit knee deep in it
Cause you gotta hang in there when others quit
Brutal fuckin' death metal is your life
Bro's before ho's and includes the wife
It's in your blood flowing strong and free
Once you realize the dream then you will see
Music done with pure intense brutality
That's the shit the it's supposed to fuckin' be
Keep it fuckin' brutal mother fuckers
Don't compromise your music for others
This is the shit we're all like brothers
The brotherhood is strong and growing more everyday
One day soon brutal death will be the only way
Never forget where you came from
And all the friends you will get to know
Just believe in the scene
And everyone who comes and supports you at each and every show