Best Friends Songtext


von Eye Candy

Best Friends Songtext
Verse 1
Remember the time when we used to play yeah yeah
Knock down ginger and we braid hair
Drunk slush puppies every day and
Now you're not around
A trip to the sweet shop oh was a treat
When your mama gave us 50p
What happened to those good old days
You ain't here with me
So how you been?
I know I haven't seen you
I heard you were working
Not as much as you do
Just keep trying
Maybe I'll come and see you
You know I'm gonna be here

I know it's taken time, you felt I left behind
My ordinary life but it's the path I had to find
To get some peace of mind I had to leave you for a while
I felt empty deep inside withut my best friends by my side

La la la la la la la la (x4)

Remeber the time when we took the train yah yeah
Got home late my mum had grey hairs
Sleepovers on saturdays yeah
Girl I miss those days
Remeber when Bobby Brown was the craze
We used to sing along like everyday
What happened to the pact we made
To never separate

What you doin at 8?
Coming round to see you
Don't be late
There's so much that we should do
Just like old days
Got everything to tell you
Good friendships don't come easy

Chorus x2

Wherever we've been along the road
You've always been a friend to me I know
I'll stick with ou till the end
Through thick and thin
You'll always be my best friend

Chorus repeat to end